Star Sports Announce Latest Industry Accounts Initiative

Star Sports announced the introduction of its latest initiative on Industry Accounts, developed as a product for bettors working within the industry.

The accounts were for business leaders who would find it hard to place wagers elsewhere. Star Sports said it would “guarantee” bets “to win at least £ 500.”

These bets must be made after 10:15 AM on the day of the sporting event that takes place, the operator explained. Furthermore, Star Sports would include the name of the business for which the bettors operate.

Star Sports added that accounts will not be closed solely on profit and loss results, but may attempt to engage ‘sharp accounts’ to boost the performance of its own trade.

Accounts that merely exist to search for arbitrage hunt will be terminated, with Star Sports stating that it retains the right at any time to shut down any account, however it will include the justification behind an account closure.

What was said…

Star Sports’ Ben Keith, in an official statement released on Twitter, said: “One thing that we hear day after day, is that people who work in the industry for other bookmakers, whatever business they show other bookmakers when they’re betting themselves, their accounts are very, very quickly restricted or closed.”

He added: “If you show us good bets, and good information that we can use, we will certainly keep that account open, we may even make contact with you, up limits, work with you, whatever. 

“And of course, if you just want to have an account where you don’t get messed around and you’re able to have a few bets on football and racing each day without restriction or silliness. Then we will certainly value your business, and look after you.”

GWA Services to Greyhound Racing

Keith was recently honoured by the Greyhound Writers’ Association (GWA) for his lifelong devotion to the sport, winning the GWA Services to Greyhound Racing Award.

On receiving the award Keith said: “I was so touched by that, it was the most wonderful news, and it’s been a pleasure to give back a bit to a sport that has been so kind to me.

For the fifth year in a row, Star Sports is currently set to either sponsor or co-sponsor the Greyhound Derby, greyhound racing’s most prestigious race.