Stanleybet Subsidiary Predicts Early May End For Italy’s COVID-19 Cases

According to a report commissioned by Magellan Robotech-a subsidiary of the Stanleybet Group-to examine the possible patterns of the virus, the zero contagion point for COVID-19 in Italy will arrive at the beginning of May.

Details of the research, carried out by Liverpool Group’s Robotics Division, were published earlier this week to all Stanleybet affiliates.

This comes as Stanleybet was forced to shut the doors of its European retail estate in line with government guidelines, leading to electronic shifting of all operations.

The robotics division analysed data from many countries ‘Civil Protection and Health Authorities and the World Health Organisation by building a mathematical model. The data mainly looked at the worldwide propagation of the virus, and attempted to construct a predictive model.

The research concentrated mainly on the eight main jurisdictions in which Stanleybet operates in: England, Denmark, Belgium, Romania, Croatia, Malta, Cyprus and Italy-one of the world’s hardest hit countries, Italy.

According to the Magellan model, the virus peak in Italy was reached on 27 March after which the number of people infected is projected to decline. Data indicates that Italy’s number of new contagions could ‘at any time between 3 and 11 May’ hit zero amount.

Dr Garrisi, CEO of Stanleybet and developer of the Magellan mathematical model, issued a warning to interrupt some of the excitement of the report. He said via a Malta telephone interview: “I am confident that the predictions developed by us will prove substantially correct. However, there is a risk. In fact, our model shows that the contagion trend in the coming days should collapse exponentially.

“In other words, we will see the number of new infected individuals decrease by the day with astonishing speed, but the curve will thereafter slow down and tend to become flat with an enervating “swing behaviour” equally changing by the day, to reach the zero contagion point at the beginning of May. It is, therefore, to be expected that in the coming days between 7 and 15 April a mood of euphoria will prevail, as if the problem was eventually overcome.

“Mind you, this is not the case. A relaxation of the strictest compliance with the prescriptions of the authorities could result in a fresh uptake of the pandemic instead. All of us must absolutely stay at home, not only until the day when the absence of new contagions is declared, but safely well beyond that point in time.

“Provided all of us remain compliant and strict in observing the prescriptions of the authorities, the gambling sector may start to think of a re-opening of physical operations within the end of May.”