Spotlight To Start EPL Season With New Comprehensive Commentary

Spotlight Sports Group will launch the new Premier League season (start date – 12 September) by supplying its customers with ‘uninterrupted studio commentaries,’ covering all matches for 2020/2021.

The betting advertising service provider said it would be delivering the ‘most comprehensive EPL matchday comment service’ to date, helping bookmakers engage with global audiences.

The expanded service offered by Spotlight will provide EPL match comments in up to 15 languages, delivered instantly via its plug-in and play solution.

Spotlight Sports Group will support its matchday service by retaining more than 200 professional content writers, offering early football betting previews and pre-play analysis specifically tailored to improve a sportsbook or blog platform to engage customers before kick-off.

Will Fyler, head of Spotlight Sports Group digital said: ‘’With football across Europe still behind closed doors our goal is to keep betting audiences informed with all the most relevant and compelling insights. Our commentaries and content are delivered in a host of languages and formats to achieve that.”

A revamped spotlight said it has improved its marketing capabilities to suit its bookmaker activities, which are expected to cater for diverse global audiences for their betting markets.

More advances in football have seen Spotlight improve its ‘Intellr In-play’ approach, offering in-game betting tips to sportsbooks focused on match incidents and outcomes.

Engaging for a new European football season, Spotlight announced it will offer the most innovative and detailed algorithm of football content, as Intellr covers 90 leagues in more than 70 languages.

Fyler added:“With the in-play market so critical to bookmakers, and customers unable to watch or stream all matches, our research shows that those listening to the match are likely to stay on sites for longer and therefore are placing more in-play bets.

“In addition to our commentaries, our Intellr product also provides a continual stream of relevant, contextual, in-play betting stimulation. We believe our football packages can suit every sportsbook, drive engagement and increase turnover.”