Spotlight Sports Group Plans Expansion Of Content

With more in-depth analysis, pre-game and in-game statistics, and picks for the four major US sports, Spotlight Sports Group has revealed plans to expand its content portfolio.

The new content will target both retail outlets and online sportsbooks, having been designed to ‘educate and reach new customers across the US’ as more states continue to legalise sports betting.

Discussing the growing focus on the U.S., B2B Head of Content Sales Rob Black said: “It’s been nearly two years since the US Supreme Court struck down the federal ban on legal sports betting and nearly 75% of US states have either legalised sports wagering or introduced legislation to do so.

“With operators opening up across the country there will be a lot of new sports bettors. We are perfectly placed to partner with these operators to educate and reach a new audience on sports betting. Our content is specifically designed to help reach and retain customers while giving them the best information to place an informed bet responsibly.

“We’re very excited about the content we are producing for the US, we can produce in a host of languages and our global team of writers are skilled in producing localised content. This is a huge advantage for operators opening up across the United States. We’re looking forward to SBC’s upcoming Digital Summit where the team will be on hand to discuss our services.”

Spotlight Sports Group, drawing on 30 years of editorial experience, has planned to use a ‘deeper level of expert analysis and information’ to boost engagement with betting products.