Sportsradar Strikes First MoU In Portugal Through APAJO

Through APAJO, the Portuguese Online Betting and Gaming Association, Sportradar signed its first Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with an operators’ association.

Integrity Services Division of the organisation has committed to improving investigation into possible corruption by sharing data and information related to sport integrity, especially in Portuguese sport.

In addition, Sportradar and APAJO will explore possibilities for additional projects such as those supporting sport integrity education in line with Portuguese State values as outlined in the Regime Jurídico dos Jogos e Apostas Online (RJO), the legal framework for online gambling and betting in the country.

Gabino Oliveira, President of APAJO, said: “APAJO members now have a formal channel available to communicate on integrity matters with the world-wide leading experts in this field which will prove mutually beneficial.

“We also look forward to exploring further cooperation opportunities in sports integrity education. Portugal was one of the first countries to ratify the Macolin Convention and hence, we are happy to work here in line with our government’s engagement.”

Sportradar Integrity Services Managing Director Andreas Krannich added: “Sportradar are firm supporters of the Council of Europe’s Macolin Convention.

“Initiatives like this MoU we have signed today with APAJO is a clear commitment that we both buy in to the spirit of this convention and are ready to back it up with action. Portuguese sport will become safer with this cooperation.”