SportsGrid Signs Deal To Power Sportradar

SportsGrid, the sports betting and DFS viewer live video site, has signed a multi-year agreement with Sportradar to power its real time data, statistics and analytical solutions.

Sportradar will include the software, data products and machine learning technologies under the terms of the agreement to enable SportsGrid to provide real-time in-game odds and digital analytics combined with statistical data and graphical visualisations.

The tools and data products allow SportsGrid to gain access to new features, comprehensive deep data sets and broad coverage of the major sports league within the Radar360 analysis platform of Sportradar.

SportsGrid Founder and President Lou Maione said:“In an age of real-time connections and analysis, the Sportradar agreement broadly expands the capabilities and functionality of the production staff, talent and operational management team.

“Radar360 reduces the analytic workloads and creates more opportunities for compelling insightful story-lines and maximises our fan engagement across the SportsGrid distribution platform.”

US Media MD of Sportradar Dave Abbott commented: “We are pleased to be working with SportsGrid to bolster its content offerings and increase fan engagement. By adding our real-time data and products like Radar360 to the mix, SportsGrid is supercharging the betting and fantasy content that its consumers already love.”