SportsGrid Choose Wildmoka Digital Media Factory To Enhance STS Video Content

SportsGrid has chosen Wildmoka’s Digital Media Factory to enhance its SportsGrid Technology Solutions (STS) video content production and distribution network, which claims to be the first and only 24-hour streaming video network in the United States.

The STS digital publisher network benefits from Wildmoka’s proprietary artificial intelligence technology platform, which streamlines the content ingestion, development, and editing workflow.

STS offers digital publishers a comprehensive sports gaming content solution that is simple to implement. The sports betting parts of the cloud-based hosted system include professional football, basketball, baseball, collegiate sports, golf, tennis, soccer, and more.

The network distributes a minimum of 300 video assets every week to its publisher network, as well as over 600 written articles per month.

SportsGrid’s Chief Commercial Officer, Jason Sukhraj said: “The implementation of the Wildmoka technology platform enables SportsGrid to create and publish faster, increasing the overall volume of posts, while accelerating the delivery of the STS content to our digital publisher network.”

Wildmoka’s CCO, John Van Wagner, added: “We are glad to see our Digital Media Factory contribute to SportGrid’s success. Based on the impressive first results, we are confident that the productivity boost brought by Wildmoka’s platform will have a lasting impact on audience engagement across all of SportsGrid’s various platforms.”

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