Sportsbook Training Services To Provide Kambi With Online Training

Sportsbook Training Services has agreed to provide Kambi with a full suite of online trader training courses.’

Sportsbook Training Services, led by founder Jonathan Smith, provides a series of masterclasses on trading and modelling, covering probabilistic principles of sports betting from basic bookmaking theory and practise.

Posting on LinkedIn, Smith noted that these new courses provided to Kambi would ‘add value at all levels, from entry level traders to seasoned odds makers, across multiple sporting disciplines.’

He said: “I am pleased to announce that Sportsbook Training Services is to deliver a comprehensive suite of online trader training courses to Kambi, one of the industry’s leading sportsbook suppliers.

“Continuous learning and development schemes for staff are fundamental to a company’s success. My courses are both challenging and rewarding, with tutor assistance, examination and certification as part of the learning process.

“Kambi recognises the importance of investing in their employees in this way and I am delighted to partner with them to ensure their trading staff continue to be among the best in the industry.”