Signs Arsenal FC Official Betting Agreement

A three-year official betting agreement with three-time Premier League (PL) champions, Arsenal FC, has been secured by, member of the Coingaming Group., already a shirt sponsor for Southampton FC fellow PL club, is a sportsbook that incorporates “cutting-edge technology with cryptocurrency expertise”.

This new collaboration will concentrate on developing unique experiences to reward wide global fanbase Arsenal and customers of

The collaboration, the operator added, will also take advantage of the legendary status of Arsenal in women’s football to expand the game in Estonia, from where operates. Arsenal Women has more than six million fans – the most in the world of any women’s sports team.

Arsenal coaches will supply football clinics to the U19 Women’s team in Estonia to inspire and develop the next generation of talent. Both organisations are also committed to partnering to explore other social responsibility programmes and encourage healthy and responsible gambling through the alliance.

Peter Silverstone, the Arsenal Commercial Director, said: “It’s been fantastic getting to know and learning about our shared spirit of innovation and the ground-breaking work they are doing in the fintech space. We are proud to partner with a market-leading company that is at the forefront of the innovation journey of the gaming industry.

“We are very excited about our future together. We will work together and explore the different ways we can leverage our combined expertise and Arsenal’s huge global reach to set a new standard in delivering experiences and content to our fanbase and customers worldwide.”

Coingaming Group Founder Tim Heath added: “Signing a three-year deal with Arsenal, one of the most celebrated teams in the world, is a huge venture and something we are all very excited about.”

“We’re confident that with Arsenal’s drive to innovate the sports industry, together with our own drive to innovate the gambling and crypto space, this is the perfect team for us. Watch this space, as we seize the opportunity to promote crypto gaming awareness, and hope to push forward crypto gaming adoption on a scale never seen before in football.”