Sports Betting In Washington DC Steps Up As Licencing Process Opens

Sports betting across Washington DC is set to take a major step forward on Tuesday as the licencing process opens up to district-wide operators, suppliers and service managers.

While it is not yet clear when people will be able to place bets, they will be able to do so on Tuesday for those who wish to win an application form. Meanwhile, operational licences will be available in January, which will be reserved for sports betting provider employees.

It is expected that the licencing process may take between one and three months, but Legal Sports Report suggests that those practising in some jurisdictions in North America may be able to obtain provisional licences for six months.

The licencing schedule may vary depending on the completeness and complexity of the proposed operations, according to a spokesperson for the Office of Lottery and Gaming.

Intralot is expected to power sports betting across the district through retailers and its mobile app. Bets made across retail and digital platforms would draw a 10% tax on betting gross revenue.

The Intralot app, set to go live in early 2020, will allow bettors to wager on sporting events from anywhere in DC, through federally owned land and within a Class A licensee two-block radius.

Grand Central has also selected the gaming tech company Newgioco Group to supply the ELYS platform for its sportsbook at the Grand Central Sports Bar and Capo Deli in Washington DC.