Sports Betting Brings Some Creativity To Boost NFL Viewership

The legalisation of sports wagering has made a significant contribution to raising NFL television ratings, according to New York Giants co-owner Jonathan Tisch. During an appearance on the Power Lunch programme of CNBC, he made the observation, adding that fantasy football also plays a part in keeping fans at home instead of visiting the stadium to watch games.

Despite a two-year stretch of declining ratings, television viewers have seen a 5 percent increase over last year’s figures, with 16.7 million fans tuning in to watch their teams. At 49 million more viewers than in 2018, Digital has seen a marked increase.

In the program, Tisch commented: “Obviously, if you’re betting on a certain game, you’re going to watch to see what happens and you’re going to watch until the bitter end because there are many games that are won on a field goal with three seconds left.”

During the broadcast, Tisch added that the influence of sports betting would continue to increase, implying that football fans would eventually be able to place a bet inside the stadium. Asked if the New York Giants were planning as such, he answered: “I think the NFL is getting ready for it.” Although sports betting may have provided a significant boost to NFL ratings, other factors like strong match-ups and robust results were also cited, especially by Jay Rosenstein, an adjunct professor at the NYU Tisch Institute for Global Sport.

Quoted by CNN Business, he commented: “Its storylines are compelling, most of its major teams are competitive and it has exciting young quarterbacks like Pat Mahomes to complement the national appeal of stars like Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers. It’s been a great mix.”