Sportradar Unveils ‘Insights’ Product

According to a statement released by the leading sports betting and entertainment company, Sportradar has unveiled its new ‘Insights’ product targeting sports media companies that will change the landscape of the fan experience.

Insights incorporates customer data intelligence at scale and is designed to ‘bolster real-time fan engagement’ for all stakeholders of sports media by increasing sales opportunities and allowing broadcasters, journalists and social media practitioners to engage viewers of real-time through storytelling.

It will integrate a multitude of data sources and betting data streams from Sportradar to offer ‘unrivalled data intelligence before, during, and after games’ to media companies.

Dave Abbott, MD of Sportradar’s US Media, said: “Engaging the modern sports fan and driving fan behaviour requires media companies to make meaning out of raw data in real-time – something we call data intelligence.

“Insights was purpose-built to address this reality by enabling sports media companies to reach fans at scale with the curated, personalised content they crave, at the moments that matter most.”

Data on team and individual milestones, league and statistical leaderboards, game betting splits and game market insights are some of the qualitative data sets.