Sportradar Integrity Service And American East Conference Link-Up For Integrity Initiative

The America East Conference and Sportradar Integrity Services have collaborated to develop an integrity initiative to educate student-athletes from America East and other key stakeholders on integrity in sports betting.

Educational content

Through the initiative, Sportradar will design and produce instructional materials in the coming months to bring student-athletes to America East. The integrity team of the business and college sports experts, as well as trained educators, are developing educational content that for more than 15 years will rely on its deep knowledge of fighting match-fixing around the world.

Topics covered will include best practices for the detection and reporting of credibility problems, sports betting and match-fixing rules and regulations, responsible gaming and inside manipulation of information, case studies of game-fixing events, and more.

Sportradar also supports the introduction of best-in-class standard operating procedures by managers of the American East Conference to oversee the intake, review, management and investigation of any possible credibility issues that occur in the future.

Integrity education

Sportradar, initially known for its advanced sports betting monitoring capabilities and Fraud Detection System (FDS), extended its offerings in early 2013 to include integrity education. Since then, in 13 different languages, the Education & Prevention team has trained audiences from over 25 countries and 17 different sports. In total, at all levels of competition, the organisation has trained over 35,000 athletes, coaches, and officials.

The Commissioner of the America East Conference, Amy Huchthausen, stated: “As regulated sports betting expands across the US, America East recognizes the risks this can pose to student-athlete well-being and the integrity of our competitions, and we wanted to work with experts to help protect our athletes and competitions. 

“Sportradar Integrity Services is the leader in this field in the US and globally, and it was a straightforward decision to trust them with this important task and mission.”

Pivital role in efforts

Sportradar’s Head of Integrity Services, North America, Andy Cunningham said: “Sportradar is proud to play a pivotal role in efforts to protect the integrity of US collegiate sports. College sports face unique integrity concerns due to the youth and amateur status of their athletes and the substantial betting interest in their competitions. America East has taken a proactive and thoughtful approach to this topic, and we’re honored the conference has placed its trust in Sportradar.”