Sportradar Expands USL Content And Integrity Deal

Last week, Sports data provider Sportradar entered into a strategic partnership extension for Integrity Services and AV content with the United Soccer League. The USL recently revealed that the 2020 USL Championship season will begin on July 11 and that the USL League One season will kick off on July 18 after both leagues have suspended play due to COVID-19 distribution.

Under the terms of the deal, Sportradar will continue through its Fraud Detection System to track and evaluate foreign and domestic betting activity on USL competitions. It will inform USL teams and players on the dangers of match manipulation, and assist the league with stringent sports betting and integrity policies and procedures being enforced.

In addition , the company acquires the worldwide rights to disseminate AV content from matches between the USL Championship and League One to licenced sportsbook operators.

USL SVP of Digital, Emerging Technology and Strategy Lizzie Seedhouse said: “In licensing our international rights through Sportradar for sports betting purposes, we can maximize our leagues’ global exposure in the sports betting space.

“Through the extension of our partnership, we also protect the integrity of our competition by identifying suspicious betting activity and educating our 1,600 USL players, club and league front office staffs, technical staffs and referees on match fraud; two of the most important priorities for us as we navigate the sports betting scene.”

Steve Byrd, Head of Global Strategic Partnerships at Sportradar, said: “We are pleased about deepening our partnership with the USL by acquiring the international rights for AV content. With the USL being one of the first US sports leagues to return to live action, the AV component provides a great opportunity to increase fan engagement and expand the reach of the league on a global scale.”

Sportradar ‘s funding for integrity education will provide live and pre-recorded webinars for clubs, club and league front office personnel, technical staff, and referees on the nature and risks of match-fixing and sport manipulation. The organisation will also continue to support the USL through its Intelligence & Investigations Services team as part of its Integrity Services, with investigative and due diligence concerns.

Andy Cunningham, Sportradar Head of Integrity Services & League Relations, North America said:“We are grateful for the opportunity to extend our partnership with the USL for Integrity Services, and we look forward to the league resuming shortly.

“USL has been a strong partner that consistently prioritises the integrity of its league. By continuing to work with Sportradar, the USL is ensuring that there’s widespread education across the league about the dangers of match-fixing, while maintaining the necessary resources to identify and escalate issues should they arise.”