Sportradar Expands Kyodo News Partnership To Bolster Asian Market Role

Sportradar, a sports betting data provider, has expanded its relationship with Kyodo News, a leading Japanese media outlet, through its subsidiary Kyodo News Digital, for a multi-year period, bolstering its role in the Asian industry.

In 2018, Sportradar and Kyodo News began a collaboration centred on the distribution and support of data from various international competitions, including baseball, basketball, football, rugby, tennis, and golf.

Sportradar will re-distribute its multi-sport data API services and Radar360 product to Kyodo’s media clients across Japan under the terms of the expanded agreement.

Turnkey services

Danny Fok, Head of Business Development, Asia at Sportradar said: “Media partners use our turnkey services to tell unique, data-driven stories.

“With these expanded capabilities, it will be even easier to comprehend trends and produce amazing content for pre, in, and post-game consumption. It’s a tremendous opportunity for us to partner with Kyodo News who are an established media outlet not only in Japan, but in the region.”

Radar 360

Sportradar will use its Radar 360 offering to provide editors and clients with real-time data from the NBA.

Meanwhile, via Sportradar’s MLB Statcast devices, the exclusive distributor of real-time game statistics across foreign markets for Major League Baseball, the collaboration will provide exclusive data to baseball fans.

Radar360 allows users to build, change, and save custom reports, as well as access data through an interface and customisable requests, while Statcast is a baseball data collection and analysis monitoring technology service.

Ryuichi Koie, General Manager of Kyodo News Digital’s Sports Data Division said: “Offering accurate and reliable information is the cornerstone of our business and we are excited to be partnering with Sportradar to provide the market leading products and services to us and our clients.”

Sportardar has secured a number of sporting and betting integrity alliances in the last month, including agreements with the General Directorate National Police of Bulgaria, the West Asian Football Federation (WAFF), and the Netherlands Olympic Committee*Dutch Sports Federation (NOC*NSF).