SportCaller To Roll Out Live Broadcast Quizzes

As part of a new partnership with social media sports publisher Off The Ball, SportCaller has agreed to roll out a series of live broadcast quizzes.

The new feature will allow SportCaller to drive audience engagement and introduce a wider demographic to the ‘free-to-play products’ highly social nature.

MD at SportCaller Cillian Barry said: “We’re thrilled to be breaking new ground with Off The Ball via these new Live Broadcast quizzes, showing that now is the time to be pushing fresh concepts and products for our increasingly diverse range of clients.

“They say that personality goes a long way and OTB has it in spades. As a result, the SportCaller platform is another conduit by which OTB can express the content of that character to a loyal, sports-mad audience looking for some light relief.

“Clearly, you’re never going to replicate the same levels of engagement until all live sports can reliably find a way back. However, we can still offer fun, thematic content with these simple FTP games which build brand loyalty and an audience which returns to watch, listen and play.

“I believe this represents another key proving ground outside our original sportsbook domain, with these quizzes helping to fashion a wider and improved marketing mix.”

The quizzes will feature trivia ‘s rapid-fire rounds on a range of different topics, and will run off a last-man-standing mechanic, whereby players must submit each response before a clock count winds down, with correct answers advancing to the following question.

A rota of familiar personalities from Off The Ball, whose main host Ger Gilroy is regularly joined by household names including Brian O’Driscoll and Kevin Kilbane, frontline these quizzes.

The show is sponsored by Paddy Power, who first launched the signature Beat The Drop game of SportCaller at World Cup 2018.

Off The Ball managing director Ger Gilroy added: “It’s imperative that we keep our viewers and listeners entertained across our live radio and podcast channels, despite many of their favourite major sports still being unavailable.

“Happily, SportCaller’s innovative quizzes are allowing us to open up another outlet of competitive fun and social enjoyment for our enthusiastic audience.

“Their games fit neatly into our programming schedule and check all the boxes for responsible engagement. We’re always looking for new experiences to better connect our viewers to the sports they love, and SportCaller’s creative-content ideation and swift tech integration set them apart.”

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