SportCaller To Help Virgin Bet Optimise Player Interaction

With the launch of its latest title, The Ladder, free-to-play (FTP) game specialist SportCaller will help Virgin Bet in optimising new player interaction levels.

The live quiz product has been adapted to the consumer base of Virgin Bet, which will ask a variety of questions to test players on their general knowledge of football where they can compete for a wide range of free bets or awards.

The MD at SportCaller, Cillian Barry, said: “We’re delighted to both extend and evolve our current collaboration with Virgin Bet by launching The Ladder. This general knowledge live-quiz format has proved particularly popular and versatile for operators and their players, not only during the lockdown but also as sports have returned. The pent-up passion among fans is palpable.

“Our array of games and mechanics now allow any client to offer a softer, and more accountable, means of keeping players engaged with their key products of interest. Indeed, this recent movement is part of a wider trend that’s very encouraging to witness – in that most of our games with Tier-1 operators in mature markets are aimed at securing retention in a sustainable and responsible way. It’s vital for our industry to promote consumer protection and education.”

The quiz game sees players given a 10-second period to answer the questions, providing them with useful lifelines as they advance through the game with a series of ‘Power-Ups.’

Go 50-50 (taking away two multiple-choice responses), Free Pass (the answer is automatically provided) and Extra Time will be included in Lifelines (extending the time permitted to submit an answer).

According to both SportCaller and Virgin Bet, the roll out of the Ladder would help push brand loyalty, player commitment and core retention rates.

Richard Leask, Virgin Bet’s Marketing Director, added: “We’re thrilled at The Ladder’s immediate connection with our customers, as they pit their wits against each other on these rapid-fire tests of trivia. SportCaller’s live-quiz configurations are as engaging as they are simple to play, and this has quickly shone through in some impressive weekly repeat-visit rates for the game.

“SportCaller offers us flexible formats that responsibly sustain players’ attentions and allegiance, fostering long-term loyalty that comfortably outstrips those customers who have never enrolled in games like The Ladder.”

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