SportCaller Supports Retention Of Unibet With Streakr Roll Out

Unibet, a subsidiary of the Kindred Group, has signed a new agreement with free-to-play (FTP) sports-game specialist SportCaller on its marketing capabilities and supports the operator’s retention rates.

SportCaller has rolled out its new game Streakr under the terms of the new agreement which is expected to drive’ deeper engagement and reliable retention.’

Johannes Nijboer, Kindred Group’s Sportsbook Business Portfolio Manager, said:

“At Unibet, as with all Kindred Group brands, our cornerstone aim is to improve the user experience with customised, local solutions on the international stage.

“Which is why this company wide alliance with SportCaller makes so much sense for driving retention in a responsible manner Above all, it provides the elasticity and peace of mind for us to grow a regulated and sustainable sports betting market across our markets.

“The unique platform developed by SportCaller frees up our local teams to deploy games based on their territorial strategies in addition to catering for worldwide needs. Their proven track record, industry knowledge, and 24/7 support readily made them our preferred partner, while their rapid concept-to-actualisation game creation and fully-compliant deployment mean we can target and plan with precision, no matter what the territory.”

The collaboration comes as Unibet continues to broaden its global footprint. The introduction of Streakr will allow users to win free bets and cash prizes to predict correct consecutive results accurately. A jackpot-sized payout is scooped by the player with the longest winning streak, but the underlying premise of the game follows a softer marketing feature to increase consumer dwell time and return visits.

In the last few months, SportCaller’s collaboration with Kindred brands has seen the company carry out a total of 15 games across 14 countries and in 14 different languages, running games from local leagues to international tournaments, with at least 20 different sports expected to appear by Q1 2020.

MD Cillian Barry of SportCaller added: “We like to think that our FTP platform’s speed of integration and scalability set SportCaller apart. And Streakr is the latest incarnation in this ongoing evolution, demonstrating the varied benefits of our wide-ranging games, and promoting the sportsbook proposition via softer marketing techniques aimed at consolidating retention.

“Given that FTP has become a significant marketing function for Kindred as they look to enhance the customer experience through innovation, this is a partnership of which we’re particularly proud. We look forward to working in close collaboration with their family of brands over the years to come.”

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