SportCaller Confirms Colorado Alliance With Betfred USA

Free-to-play (F2P) sports game provider SportCaller has confirmed its new Colorado stateside alliance with Betfred USA Sports, the UK-based operator’s US affiliate Betfred. The step, the firm said, consolidates its “position in the vanguard of a burgeoning North American market”.

For an ongoing free-to-play weekly show, players can sign up for free and have the chance to battle for bragging rights and win a $1,000 worth of Denver Broncos merchandise. Recently Betfred USA Sports concluded a multi-year sponsorship deal with the Colorado football team.

The deal also provides access to F2P content solutions for all major US sports including football, basketball, baseball, hockey, and golf courtesy of SportCaller’s proprietary SCore network to Betfred USA Sports’ growing list of US network and sportsbook partners.

MD at SportCaller Cillian Barry said: “We’re thrilled to be huddling up with Betfred and their sponsorship ahead of the forthcoming American football season, giving players in Colorado a chance to win some exceptional merch on their local state’s illustrious franchise.

“Sportsbook marketing used to be about asking players for their favorite team on a registration form. However, with SportCaller’s F2P platform, you enjoy a deep dive into the drivers of any given player, allowing for hyper-personalised marketing communication for both new players and CRM techniques around existing active bettors.”

He added: “F2P works well for a US market where on-the-go sports betting remains embryonic. The vast majority of Americans love sports and like the idea of betting, but there are gradations of familiarity and education to be cultivated. Free-to-play is the stepping-stone product of choice, providing fun, responsible fan-engagement opportunities across an ad-hoc sporting timetable still subject to the whim of COVID-19.”

For new customers including CBS, BetMGM and sportsbook-DFS operator FanDuel, SportCaller launched double-digit games in the US last year. The business claims it fills the divide between distributors, media outlets and sports franchises, creating F2P in its own right as a separate vertical.

“This strategic solution provides flexible ways for operators to responsibly acquire and retain customers at low cost but also stay fully compliant (in any state) as regulation continues to roll out in different forms across North America,” it said.

Bryan Bennett, Chief Operating Officer of Betfred USA Sports, added: “We knew we needed a socially engaging product to help get the brand out and at the same time leverage our new sports sponsorship.

“SportCaller’s F2P platform performs as an acquisition tool that activates fan engagement, with a weekly questionnaire awarding $1,000 of merchandise, by acquiring potential sports bettors. In an already highly competitive market, we were confident that SportCaller’s experience and past results were what was needed.”