Sport Integrity Australia Partners With ACIC For Sports Integrity

Sport Integrity Australia has partnered with the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) on a new partnership to ensure that it is prepared to deal with threats to Australian sport to integrity.

The new collaboration will ‘deliver a broad range of intelligence and capabilities and information sharing’ to protect the dignity of sports and counter possible risks to corruption.

The chief executive of Sport Integrity Australia David Sharpe explained: “Partnerships like this are crucial in helping us protect the integrity of Australian sport and the health and welfare of those who participate in sport.”

Building on previous agreements, the reinforced partnership will include the secondment of ACIC staff to support the development of a framework for the delivery of Stage 2 of Sport Integrity Australia, which includes the development of match-fixing, betting, wagering and whistleblower protection policies and potential regulation.

Michael Phelan, chief executive of the ACIC added: “Collaborations such as this with Sport Integrity Australia will go a long way to strengthening the protective measures already in place.

“Together we are stronger and this agreement will ensure the coordination of a national approach to all sports integrity matters as they emerge.”