Spirit Twister Bingo Slot

Spirit Twister Bingo Slot is a game with a full house multiplier feature which implies you get a chance to win up to 5x your payout on a full house. If you love bingo and slots, this could be the game for you.

Come and have a good time in this bingo game developed by the giant casino software developer, Playtech. The game doesn’t take long to play as you can play in about 3 minutes.

There are 25 players only allowed into the bingo room, but multiple games can run simultaneously. The game’s ticket cost only 5p, but you must get 10 tickets to play, which means you’d be spending up to 50p. There are many ways to win prizes in this 5-line, 75-ball bingo game. You’d get a progressive jackpot feature and multiplier values to help boost your potential wins.

About The Spirit Twister Bingo Slot Game

The bingo game is designed impressively in high-quality graphics. It is newly developed, hence why it has the 3D quality you’d observe in recent video games. The bingo slot game is colourful, neat and exquisite. The game’s colours change as you randomly pick one of the spirit animals. For example, the bingo room could have its tabs on the background of a deep blue bear, a golden brown fox, a purple fox, a yellow stag and a green rabbit.

The animals are designed in crystal forms adding to the richness of the game’s graphics. Also, the tabs are in white and are relatively transparent. You’d meet other displays on the screen, such as your randomly chosen multiplier values, wins, the number of players in the room, jackpot, features, total prize and bingo prizes for the lines. The visuals are not complete without a fitting soundtrack and audio effects to give you an immersive game experience. You can play this game on different devices across various platforms.

How To Play The Spirit Twister Bingo Slot Online

You can play this 7-ball bingo game on your mobile devices, including smartphones, smartwatches, desktops and laptops. There are no downloads needed as you can access the bingo game from your web browser or use the online casino’s mobile application. To play this game successfully, follow through with this process:

  • Log in to your created account on an online casino that supports the Playtech software from your web browser or online casino’s mobile application.
  • Go to the bingo games lobby and search for the spirit twister game when you’re logged in. Then, click on it when found. The interface will come up.
  • When you enter the bingo rooms, you’d need to start buying your tickets and then wait for the game to begin.
  • In the wait for the game to begin, a spirit animal will be chosen for you at random to act as the full house multiplier value. You can get a 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x, or 5x multiplier value depending on if you pick the stag, the rabbit, the fox, the wolf or the bear.
  • As soon as a ball is announced, you’d observe the software daubing automatically and sorting your tickets to reveal how many numbers you’d be required to have to claim a win.
  • Once the game starts, the game will reveal a multiplier in sequence in the bingo room. An animation shows a continuous cycle until it lands on the randomly chosen spirit animal.
  • When your spirit animal is selected, the bingo room will transform from rainbow colours to the colour of your spirit animal.
  • You will see a spirit animal displayed in the ticket area background display.
  • You’d also see the multiplier gem attached to your animal in the feature area throughout your play. When you hear the house prize called and you’re the lucky winner, you’d see your cash prize multiplied by the multiplier value shown.

Interactive Features

The interactive features of the game include the controls found to make your gaming experience more accessible, the bonus features in the form of the progressive jackpot and the symbols, which include the regular bingo balls and the multiplier symbols in the form of animals.

Game Symbols

The symbols you’d expect from a bingo game are found in this slot. There are also animal symbols in crystals that serve as multipliers, and they are known as the spirit bingo animals. The characters all play on the 5-line screen, and there are six prizes to be won in each bingo game. A multiplier gem will be displayed in the future area throughout the game with the multiplier value that applies to your wins on display. On the announcement of the house prize, the winner gets to see their prize multiplied by the value displayed at the game’s beginning. The six prizes to be won in each bingo game include:

  • 1 line
  • 2 lines
  • 3 lines
  • 4 lines
  • Full house

When you get a whole house, the multiplier values will set in. You’d get the same standard payout on all line prizes as a classic 75-ball game

The Spirit Bingo Animals are of five different types, and each one of them carries a multiplier when you get a whole house. These animals include:

  • A rabbit with a 1x multiplier
  • The stag with an x2 multiplier
  • The fox with an x3 multiplier
  • The wolf with an x4 multiplier
  • The bear with an x5 multiplier

Bonus Features

There are not many bonus features in the Spirit Twister Bingo Slot as many other bingo games. Your best bet is a progressive jackpot feature, and fortunately, there’s one in this 75-ball game. This jackpot feature is also the biggest prize in the slot game, and it is regarded as a community jackpot.

  • The Progressive Jackpot Feature: This jackpot feature implies that it will grow with each ticket that you bring into the rooms. It’s a community prize jackpot, so even if you don’t get lucky enough to win the whole jackpot, you’d still benefit from some of the money if you are playing at the same time and site that the jackpot is playing. You get to win the jackpot by getting a full house in 40 tries or less. If you win, you get to keep 50% of the jackpot while the remaining 50% is shared amongst the community of bingo players in the room,

What Symbol Triggers The Spirit Twister Bingo Slot Bonus Free Spins?

The bingo game does not feature any free spins as the 75-ball game. The only thing acting as a bonus is the progressive jackpot feature that it comes with.

Paylines and Stakes

Spirit Twister Bingo slot is a 5 by 5 slot. The tickets cost 5p, but you must buy 10 to partake in the bingo game. By default, this means you’d be spending at least 50p.

Spirit Twister Bingo Slot Game Software

Playtech developed spirit Twister Bingo. The giant software developer is well-known in the online gambling industry as one of the online gaming software suppliers with over two decades of experience. Playtech has over 600 games ranging from bingo games to sportsbook games. The United Kingdom Gambling Commission licenses the developer. Other slots from this developer include:

You can play these and other popular slots at most online casinos.

What is The Spirit Twister Bingo Slot’s RTP?

The bingo game RTP’s undetermined.

Slot Volatility

 Spirit Twister Bingo slot is a medium volatility game. This variance means you’ll get regular chances at winnings.


Spirit Twister Bingo is a very recent 75-ball bingo variant available in Playtech casinos worldwide. It’s a bingo themed game that offers great wins. In addition, the ticket to the slot game is cheap to get, and there’s a jackpot feature that guarantees you get some cash prizes even if you do not win the whole thing.

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