Spillemyndigheden Relaunch Gambling Harm Campaign Following Lockdown

Spillemyndigheden, Denmark’s gambling regulatory authority, has announced that it will increase visibility during the national lockdown of its ‘StopSpillet’ helpline and ‘ROFUS’ self-exclusion scheme.

Even though it has reported one of the lowest number of cases of COVID-19 in Europe (2,600) and related deaths (77), the Danish government has imposed the strictest lockdowns to protect people from the virus.

Spillemyndigheden has announced that it will relaunch its national campaign to support StopSpillet and ROFUS through Danish media networks, with national consumers facing a freeze on movement until 13 April when the Danish government is expected to review the conditions.

The StopSpillet and ROFUS programmes are run directly by Spillemyndigheden, who also announced that gambling-harm prevention and recovery support services will be made available directly to clients through video link-up.

Spillemyndigheden initiatives will concentrate on raising community awareness of problem gambling habits, promoting its gambling prevention programmes.

As Spillemyndigheden enforces its latest ‘executive order’ on the sale of gambling goods and services, Denmark will relaunch its helpline and self-exclusion initiatives.

Since the beginning of April, Spillemyndigheden requires that all licenced retail and digital incumbents, as well as StopSpillet and ROFUS services, must explicitly warn customers of age restrictions.

Spillemyndigheden has released straightforward examples of how the executive order can be applied through different advertisement platforms to support national media owners.