Spillemyndigheden Details New iGaming And Betting Tech Requirements

The Danish Spillemyndigheden Gambling Authority has detailed a raft of new technical requirements that are applicable to all online casino operators offering and/or betting punters in the country.

A pair of documents ‘The Danish Gambling Authority’s requirements for reporting game data’ and ‘Technical requirements – online casino and betting’  have been revised in accordance with notification to the EU Commission. The former of those renamed from ‘The Danish Gambling Authority’s guidance on reporting game data’.

In keeping with the Danish regulator ‘s latest enforced requirements, this latest update provides clarification on how to differentiate between peer-to – peer and player-to-house casino games.

In addition, all licensees must also reference the ROFUS national self-exclusion database before pushing on the marketing of notifications via mobile devices.

Spillemyndigheden claimed that it regards mobile push messages as gambling ads, which must be cross-referenced with ROFUS to ensure that operators are not in touch with at-risk consumers.

In the segment titled ‘VirtuelFastOdds,’ all licence holders must now report virtual sports wagering activity. Spillemyndigheden stated that to gain a clear distinction between traditional sports betting markets and game-based virtual sports wagering, it had changed its reporting structure.

The regulator  explained the introduction of the new technical requirements: “The purpose of this document is to describe the technical requirements applicable for operators, who wants to offer, or already have a license to offer online casino and betting. The requirements are described in relation to the systems the Danish Gambling Authority uses in supervision of license holders. This covers the license holder’s data storage (SAFE), the security system TamperToken and the register of self-excluded persons (ROFUS).

“The license holder must develop their gambling system, so it can use the interface of the DGA’s systems. This makes it possible for the DGA to handle data and perform supervision to ensure that online gambling is offered in accordance with the legislation. All license holders are required to use the specified interfaces to the DGA’s systems specifically developed for supervision purposes and to set up a SAFE, which they give the DGA access to.

“The technical requirements are described in detail over the next sections. The requirements are grouped in relation to what system they belong to. Besides being compliant with requirements described in this document, operators applying for a license to offer online casino and betting in Denmark must also comply with the DGA’s certification programme, which can be found on Spillemyndigheden.dk.”