Spiffbet Confirms Major Collaboration With Panorama Gaming

Spiffbet, a maker of live-action sports betting apps, has confirmed a major collaboration with Panorama Gaming to introduce its exclusive portfolio of apps within South American markets.

Spiffbet, a specialist studio in Sweden that produces hybrid betting material for incumbents of casino and bookmakers, will be publishing the entire games portfolio on the Panorama Gaming website.

Updating the market, Spiffbet management has described the partnership with Panorama Gaming based in Costa Rica as central to the company’s next stage of growth targeting new markets.

Spiffbet produces online casino and betting games commercialised under the names Spiffbet Casino, STHLMGAMING, and Spiffbet Games.

Henrik Svensson, Spiffbet CEO said: “It is with great excitement that we look forward to delivering games to Panorama Gaming, which operates both in Latin America and where we have the ambition to grow, and in Asia, which includes several large gaming markets where we have not yet tested our games.”

Jose Pablo Mesen, COO at Panorama Gaming added: “Spiffbet has an interesting offering of its own games and games from other studios that fit into our casino gaming offer. We are keen to begin the integration of the games and start distribution.”