SPG Intent On Getting Rid Of State Lottery Revenue

Stop Predatory Gambling (SPG) is a charitable organisation dedicated to riding the world of commercialised gambling, and has now set its sights on a new target. Despite the fact that states across the U.S. are now suffering from significant declines of revenue that will take years to reverse, the organisation suggests states will abolish their lotteries, frequently a big source of income for local governments and school systems.

Les Bernal, the national director of the group, is able to take full advantage of COVID-19 to support his cause. He has in a statement that the government’s coronavirus stimulus aid to residents does not cover basic needs and expenditures, but will be used for the lottery instead and adds: “It is essential that these games be shut down between now and at least 30 days after federal stimulus payments are received by American families. There is a mountain of facts showing many citizens gamble on the lottery to change their financial condition, and even more so when they are feeling a sense of desperation.”

It is up to the individual if they choose to use the extra money to buy food or purchase a scratch-off. Whilst the nation wants people to be responsible enough to be able to vote or operate a car, Bernal does not seem to believe that these people will be responsible enough to decide how best to use the stimulus funds. Spending $1 out of the $1,200 or more earned, on a scratch-off or Quick Pick is a decision that SPG does not believe should be left to the individual.

Bernal, who is most likely trying to gain more support for the groups causes by campaigning in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, says: “State governments have turned a nation of small earners, who could be small savers, into a nation of habitual gamblers. We strongly urge you to act now, before the assistance that American families will be receiving ends up being taken by state lottery tickets, rather than invested in immediate needs and churned through our economy for the benefit of everyone.”

Every year states receive millions of dollars through their numerous lottery choices. According to its website, SPG aims to make it better for the American people by “compassion and fairness,” and it is able to advocate for one of the key sources of income to be cut off when the states desperately need it.