Spelinspektionen Penalises Four ComeOn Group Brands

The Swedish Gambling Authority, the Spelinspektionen, has issued a warning and penalty fee to four of its licensees, each of which is a ComeOn Group brand, totalling SEK 75 million (£ 15.12 million) for what it calls “unauthorised bonus offers.”

Only at the first gaming opportunity will gaming companies with a Swedish license give their customers a bonus, with the regulator reporting that it has found that Casinostugan, ComeOn Sweden, Hajper and Snabbare violated the law on repeated occasions, offering bonuses.

Breach of care of duty

In addition, the Spelinspektionen adds that it “also believes that by “distributing gifts to vulnerable players, the companies have breached their duty of care in relation to the players in question”.

Asserting that it finds the infringements to be severe in nature, it is recalled that such infringements “must result in the license being revoked, unless a warning is considered sufficient.”

In this situation, the Authority has determined that it can be presumed that the four businesses in question would not be in violation of the incentive offering rules in the future and thus believes that a notice combined with a penalty fee is an acceptable action.

Action taken

Snabbare, which provides games via snabbare.com, received a SEK 65m (£ 5.62m)  penalty fee and warning, with Hajper, accepted via hajper.com URL, receiving a SEK 50m (£ 4.32m) penalty fee and warning.

A warning and penalty fee of SEK 35m (£ 3.02m) was charged to ComeOn Sweden, which provides games on the comeon.com and comeon.se websites, and Casinostugan, which offers games on the casinostugan.com website, received a warning and penalty fee of SEK 25 (£ 2.16m).

Each of those sanctioned by the Spelinspektionen has a license expiring on December 31, 2025 for online gaming and betting.

Regarding the scale of the penalty fee, the regulator added: “A warning must be combined with a penalty fee. When determining the size of the penalty fee, special consideration shall be given to how serious the violation is and how long it has lasted.

“The penalty fee shall be set in relation to the company’s turnover in the licensed operations in the immediately preceding financial year and be set at an amount of at least SEK 5,000 and at most 10 percent of the licensee’s annual turnover of the game covered by the licenses.”