Spelinspektionen Approves Several Recommendations

The Swedish Gambling Inspectorate, Spelinspektionen, has approved several recommendations for further control of the country’s industry, but has raised concerns about others.

A tightening of marketing rules, including a proposal for a prohibition of advertising of casino games between 06:00 and 21:00, was one of the main recommendations made by the Swedish government’s “Gambling Market Inquiry” in December 2020.

The independent inquiry, which was coordinated by Social Democrat MP Anna-Lena Sörenson, aimed to provide crucial oversight of the Swedish government’s implementation of its regulatory system for the country’s gambling industry, which was launched only three years later in 2019.

Other recommendations

The Inquiry also recommended that a licencing system for software developers be implemented, as well as that the deposit ceiling for slot machine limits of SEK5,000 – the equivalent of £429 – be made permanent, as it is currently only in effect on a temporary basis.

The Swedish regulator supported the advertisement proposals as well as the possible introduction of software provider licences in its response, but it criticised the demand for loss limits to be implemented.

Defining “particular moderation” of gaming advertising rules as “a positive step” in implementing responsible gambling, Spelinkspektionen said: “It is logical to have the same basic requirements for the marketing of games as on the marketing of alcohol-based on the risks associated with the products.”

However, the body reiterated its opposition to a policy of loss limits, stating that if such a policy is implemented, it must be “supplemented with mandatory indication of login time.”

Risk classification model

Concerns were also expressed about a proposal by the Swedish Public Health Agency to develop a risk classification model for various forms of gambling.

The Spelinspektionen criticised this plan, arguing that regulatory action should be prioritised and that official guidelines on the calculation of risk potential be established.

The announcement by the Spelinspektionen comes after the Swedish Trade Association for Online Gambling (BOS) backed the Gambling Market Inquiry’s rejection of a proposed 5 percent betting tax by Swedish horse racing officials.