Sparket Announce US Bookmaking Collab For Social Betwork

Sparket a sports betting app based in Los Angeles, has announced a relationship with US Bookmaking, a Las Vegas-based sports betting and advisory firm established by Sports Betting Hall of Famer Victor J Salerno.

To build the Social Betwork, the partnership will have customer acquisition across various platforms, including a pari-mutuel modelled sportsbook for esports betting and beyond.

Sparket will include peer-to-peer transfers and engagement, as well as patent-pending prediction and validation technology. The end result is a relaxed wagering experience geared to casual fans and gamers alike, thanks to the inclusion of social media.

US Bookmaking Director of Operations John Salerno said: “We see the value of social engagement in sports betting as paramount moving our company forward. The potential of pari-mutuel betting pools will help diversify the sports wagering market in esports as well as traditional sports.”

Aaron Basch, CEO of Sparket, described US Bookmaking as an “…experienced operator who will help us navigate the expanding sports and esports landscape”. He added: “Our Social Betwork platform will enable their partners to access new users and bet types. By utilizing pari-mutuel odds as a form of peer to peer wagering, Sparket’s application enables US Bookmaking to take less risk, offer better odds, and provide more options to their customers.”

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