Spanish Gambling Operators Reach Advertising Agreement

Spanish online gambling trade association Jdigital has announced that it has reached a consensus among its members, which will adhere to new advertising / marketing’ control measures’ reinforcing their code of conduct.

The new regulations of Jdigital were approved by the joint gambling policy, conduct and activities committee of the DGOJ, a regulatory body monitoring the conduct and ethics of licenced gambling enterprises operating across autonomous regions of Spain.

Updating investors, Jdigital reveals that it will implement new’ auto-control’ initiatives through vertical television, radio and digital advertising within a two-month period.

Securing industry-wide consensus, Jdigital sanctions that operators licenced by DGOJ must suspend all promotional activities involving’ active athletes’ to facilitate gambling services.

In favour of self-regulation, both operators must show’ uniform messaging’ in their stock of ads, encouraging responsible gambling and alerts under 18.

Throughout daytime programming, Spanish licenced operators will no longer be allowed to advertise and will be barred from marketing their services by direct advertising in TV and digital formats.

Final implemented provisions see that all incumbents adhere to a’ € 200 cap’ on the marketing of welcome bonuses, and that there will be no under-25s in betting ads.

“This agreement is the result of a long process of almost a year of work and has been possible thanks to the efforts of all operators,” said JDigital President Mikel López de Torre. “We are very happy to be able to reinforce the message of responsibility with the game that the operators promote since the Law of the Game entered into force in 2012.”

Jdigital must enforce the latest code of conduct regardless of the long-awaited decision of the Spanish government to enforce its proposed ‘ Royal Decree ‘ on gambling advertising standards – likely to see Spain introduce a blanket ban on gambling ads.

“Gaming companies have always supported the regulatory development, since it is also our objective to guarantee sufficient protection to users, paying special attention to more sensitive groups, such as minors or players who show pathological behaviours,” López de Torre added.