Spain’s CSD Commits To Integrity Monitoring By DGOJ

The Consejo Superior del Deporte (CSD), Spain’s high council for sports governance, has declared that its membership body will track all sporting events using the DGOJ’s federal gambling regulator’s ‘Alert System.’

The decision is the result of a new cooperative agreement between the CSD and the DGOJ with the goal of preventing and combatting fraud in Spanish sports at all levels.

All CSD syndicated events and contests will be connected to the DGOJ’s integrity network under the new agreement, allowing CSD members to identify and trace betting threats and irregularities.

A joint statement read: “The Alert System aims to protect participants in the betting market against fraudulent practices that, by altering the results of a sporting event, end up seriously distorting their participation in the game.”

The DGOJ hailed the CSD deal as a critical collaboration for its integrity unit and its mission of protecting Spanish sports from betting and criminal activity.

The CSD is a Spanish government body in charge of sports planning, development, and promotion.

The agency is in responsibility of keeping the government’s relationship with public bodies and larger organisations that support sports development, such as the Spanish Olympic Committee and sports groups that sponsor sports initiatives around the country.

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