Spain’s Coalition Commits To Gambling Restrictions

Spanish news sources say that incumbents in gambling will be hit with further limitations and amendments as the PSOE minority government agrees with a’ governing pact’ creating a socialist coalition with minority partner Podemos.

Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez (PSOE) agreed coalition terms this weekend with Podemos counterpart Pablo Iglesias to break through a political stalemate that saw Spain hold two separate General Elections in 2019.

Despite the agreement of Sanchez and Iglesias, PSOE and Podemos will need to secure the support of Esquerra Republicana, a pro-Catalan independence party, to form a government majority. Esquerra released a statement on Monday, outlining that the terms of the agreement are being checked to’ form a road to freedom.’

Waiting for Esquerra’s announcement, PSOE appears to have refused to publish full details of its negotiated’ coalition programme’ with Podemos, in which a new government would announce tax increases on Spain’s top earners, capital gains and corporate taxes, along with a rise in workers ‘ minimum wage as the lead policies of the socialist coalition.

Having looked at the programme planned by PSOE and Podemos, Spanish newspaper El Pais reports that both parties have agreed to implement new’ urgent measures’ governing the gambling sector, impacting both retail and digital players.

Detailed as one of the’ concrete directives’ of the coalition programme, PSOE and Podemos emphasise that they will introduce comprehensive monitoring of gambling interactions within the regulatory framework of Spain aimed at reducing gambling commitments across land and digital verticals.

The alliance, approved as a federal enforcement, must advise the autonomous communities of Spain to prohibit the opening of gambling outlets by 10 pm. The government will also pursue greater federal control over the opening of new gaming facilities throughout the Spanish communities.

As expected, a decree updating Spain’s advertisement code will be signed by PSOE and Podemos, which will see the implementation of gambling specific measures putting gambling marketing laws in line with those levied on the tobacco industry.

Following Spanish gambling incumbents agreeing to adhere to a new self-enforced’ code of conduct’ introducing new marketing requirements and lowering betting / gambling advertising frequency, the coalition must sign off on its advertisement decree.

Mirroring UK policies, El Pais reports that PSOE and Podemos are considering introducing a’ management fee’ online gambling operators to fund the support and treatment of gambling problems by Spanish health networks and further’ repairing the harmful social effects of gambling.’

At the end of Thursday, Esquerra released a formal statement announcing that the members of the party would abstain from voting in Parliament, allowing Sanchez and Iglesias to take over.