Spain Release 2020/21 Action Plan For Sport Integrity

CONFAD, Spain’s ‘national commission’ to tackle sport bribery and fraud, has released its 2020/2021 action plan setting out 21 guidelines to safeguard the integrity of Spanish sport.

The action plan directed by the Ministry of Consumer Affairs of Spain, as the government agency of the betting industry of Spain aims to improve four key areas that cover all levels of Spanish sports;  ‘analysis and diagnostics,’ ‘awareness and disclosure,’ ‘control and monitoring’ and ‘the oversight of current regulations and operations’.

The Ministry of Consumer Affairs, in support of CONFAD orders, reports that the action plan will be enforced by the DGOJ and further coordinated with the National Sports Council of Spain, the federal police force and the Guardia Civil.

CONFAD and government partners will work closely to strengthen the perception of credibility risks and betting-related gambling manipulation in all Spanish professional sports.

Initiatives include the implementation of a training curriculum on recognising honesty threats and illegal activity for athletes , coaches and other stakeholders.

The action plan further aims at enhancing all core disciplines related to the monitoring of honesty and detection of suspicious incidents, enhancing data sharing and systems of collaboration between sports clubs, betting companies , government departments and police.

As a final goal, CONFAD and its counterparts in government will work to ensure that Spain’s legal framework is accurately adjusted to help prosecute criminal cases involving sport integrity.

The that prevalence and continuous evolution of sports competition bribery and betting fraud show the need for an effective strategy in the battle against this activity, “explained CONFAD.