Softweave Confident Ahead Of Winafar Product Launch In Canada

Softweave, a global igaming software developer, is set to launch its Winafar product in Canada, predicting that it will “enjoy incredible pick-up from casino operators” across the world.

The first market entry is being conducted in collaboration with Canadian distributor RBY Gaming, with the aim of enabling operators to “offer a live slots experience that captures the magic of playing on a casino floor.”

Winafar enables casino players to play at physical slot machines on physical gaming floors from the comfort of their own homes, using desktop computers and handheld devices.

Live casino experience

Softweave CEO Roy Greenbaum has said: “We’re thrilled to be able to bring Winafar to local operators in Canada. Markets all around the world are starting to offer the ‘live casino experience’ but, whilst these markets largely focus on the traditional table games, Winafar gives players the extra excitement of playing slots right out there on the casino floor. 

“We are confident that Winafar will be incredibly popular to gamblers in Canada and that it will be a huge hit with players who want a thrilling new experience.”

The product, which uses a camera and microphone to catch the image of the reels and the machine’s sounds, can be mounted on any land-based slot machine.

The Winafar box is connected to the cabinet and allows players to monitor the actual slot machine from their screen, smartphone, or tablet. Slot games can either be played on a dedicated platform or added to an existing online casino’s gaming lobby.

Since debuting in the New Jersey market last year, Softweave is looking to complete the next step of its North American expansion.