SoftConstruct Increases French Gaming Position With Latest Appointment

In selecting David Ozararat as the new president of the French division of the company, SoftConstruct has increased its position within the French gaming industry.

The appointment follows the news that its subsidiary BetConstruct had received the requisite approvals in order to join the French market.

Ozararat commented: “After a successful market introduction with our partners Partouche group, Vbet, and recently Barrière group it is a significant step to be able to install our group activities in a long-term perspective in France.

“This allows us to invest durably in the future of the French gaming market. On a personal note, it is a great achievement to be appointed as the President of our group in this strategic and demanding environment, and I’m also happy to keep the management of Monaco, Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland markets.”

SoftConstruct, the parent company, believes that the influence of Ozararat would increase interest in BetConstruct gaming software, which already serves, and, to a new level across the nation.

Vigen Badalyan group CEO and founder said: “Four years ago, we settled in the heart of Europe with new offices in Germany and France. 

“In that short period of time, the SoftConstruct entity managed to strike key deals and enter the local market with the B2C operation. We are humbled to have an opportunity to pioneer our efforts and strengthen our presence in France and nearby regions.”