SMP Partners eGaming Re-Brands To Amber Gaming

SMP Partners has announced that its gaming division will re-brand Amber Gaming, a stand-alone company that will continue to collaborate with online gambling companies around the world.

In the past, SMP eGaming commented that the company had “an incredible opportunity to carve out its own identity and forge ahead with its own plans for growth.”

Through the Amber Gaming Compliance Academy, the products and services provided by Amber Gaming will continue to fall into the core areas of licencing consultancy, compliance 365, ISO and GDPR consultancy, risk and AML systems, problem gambling and efficacy assessments, ongoing advice and support, financial accounting and accounting, bookkeeping and accountancy and training.

These goods and services are sold or accessible to all online gaming organisations through the Amber Gaming group of companies.

Amber Gaming now provides advanced corporate structuring, management and accounting services to the gaming industry in addition to partnering with online gambling firms, following last year’s hiring of a dedicated business expert.

A senior management team comprising Managing Director Ted Pepper and Managing Directors Jade Zorab, Matthew Robins and Karen Yates will lead the company.

Pepper commented: “I want to take this opportunity to thank the entire Amber Gaming team for their hard work and dedication to help get us to this pivotal moment. Amber Gaming has been born from their outstanding customer service, knowledge of the industry and their enthusiasm to make us the best possible business we can be.

“With this fantastic team behind us, I’m very confident that Amber Gaming is going to be a huge success and we look forward to working with our clients and partners to help them to set, meet and exceed standards across core aspects of their business, from licensing and ongoing compliance, full management and more.”