SlotsMillion To Launch Player Protection Team To Commemorate Successful Year

SlotsMillion, a respected online casino game provider, is creating a new Player Protection Team to commemorate one of its most successful years. This move is part of the company’s overall aim to improve its responsible gaming policy.

In 2021, SlotsMillion completed several significant developments and continues to grow its customer base by providing a diverse range of games while maintaining a high level of security. The company rebranded itself after separating its B2B and B2C operations. It’s also rolled out a brand-new user interface across the board.

SlotsMillion expanded its European footprint by entering the Swedish market. It has also improved the present offer to the UK market by introducing a fantastic welcome bonus that has already been welcomed by gamblers. It introduced over 1000 games in 2021 and will keep doing so in the future.

Reducing excessive spending hazards

The creation of the Player Protection Team is part of the company’s effort to reduce the hazards associated with excessive spending while also keeping criminals out of the gambling industry.

Charles Gross, the CEO of SlotsMillion, commented on the recent decision: “The past year has been enormously ambitious and significant for SlotsMillion. We have redefined our product, revamped our brand, and completely rethought the way we operate in an increasingly saturated market.

“It could even be said that it has been one of our most important periods in terms of reshaping our modus operandi, our objectives, and paving the way to an entirely new phase marked by innovative projects and the recruitment of new talent to join our team in order to achieve our many goals.”

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