Slotegrator To Offer Consultations For Asian Market

Slotegrator will now provide legal consultations to gambling businesses interested in entering the Asian market through its legal services.

Slotegrator feels that the Asian market can present a number of problems for individuals who are unfamiliar with the region’s “strict regulations and conservative governments.”

Sales lead Ayvar Gabidullin explained in an article for Slotegrator: “Strict regulations and conservative governments make it a challenging landscape for operators to navigate. However, it would be a mistake to write Asia off. There seems to be a trend towards gradual legalisation. 

“Many countries where gambling has long been prohibited have witnessed the rise of black markets run by gambling syndicates, which offer no player protection or transparency. 

“To combat this phenomenon — and monetise locals’ newfound entertainment habits — some countries are changing their approach, slowly opening the door to gambling legislation starting from brick-and-mortar operations as it happened in Vietnam.”

Prohibition of gambling

Currently, a number of countries on the continent, including Brunei, Indonesia, Laos, Nepal, Pakistan, and Thailand, prohibit all forms of gaming.

Other countries, such as East Timor, Bhutan, and Mongolia, have banned land-based gambling but have no laws in place for online gambling.

Gabidullin added: “As things stand, the liberalisation following an example of the western and Latin American countries, at least for now, is primarily limited to the land-based industry and focused on tourism. 

“Time will tell whether the effects of COVID-19 will result in a slowdown of the process or in a shift towards the legalisation of online gambling markets to compensate for the loss in tax revenues.

“If you want to make sure that you’re staying on the right side of the law when opening your online casino or sportsbook, or want to know ins and outs of a particular jurisdiction, have a chat with our legal experts free of charge.”

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