Slingo Join The Band Wagon Launching Slingo X-Scream In Time For Halloween

Published: 18th October 2021
Author: Debbie Hewlett
Last Updated: 27th April 2023

Another Halloween themed bingo styled slot game has been launched just in time for the holiday season, this time by Slingo Originals, part of GamingRealms and called Slingo X-Scream.

Slingo™ combines elements of both slot machines and bingo, and in this spooky game players spin five reels containing 25 random numbers from 1-90, in an attempt to land combinations of numbers that match those on the grid to complete the card.

To get a “slingo,” the player needs to create a line on the grid in any direction. Joker-lanterns are used to mark any number in the row above the reel, but watch out for devils, as they act as blockers and prevent you from making any further progress. The game begins with 11 free spins, but if you want more, you can do so by making a purchase.

If three or more joker lanterns, super joker lanterns, or coin stacks appear on the screen, you’ll receive an additional win. If you’re using modifier symbols, they can spin into play and help you mark off more of your card. If you can complete12 lines you will reach the maximum prize of 500x stake.

This game has a RTP of just 95% with a low/medium volatility.

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