SKS365 Through Planetwin365 Launch PlanetPay365

SKS365, through its brand Planetwin365, an international and well-known operator among the leaders in the Italian betting industry, has announced the launch of a new product line: PlanetPay365.

In terms of digital payments, the new app provides a wide variety of services: from mobile top-ups to payment of bills (including pre-printed payment slips called MAV and RAV), monthly and annual subscriptions, online ticketing, pay TV, downloading, gift cards and account management for players, all from a single platform. The first details on the official website is already available:

PlanetPay365 meets the needs of the growing service industry with a user-friendly, convenient and cutting-edge app built for various devices that are easy to use. The speed and ease of conducting any type of operations, along with a fresh and smart customer approach, are the unique features that will allow the platform to stand out from the competitors.

In terms of services, PlanetPay365 is set to become not only the ‘digital’ point of reference of the Planetwin365 network, B2B supplies and marketplace for both shop owners and consumers, but also the multiservice solution that must be built to provide added value to all other enterprise and business operations.

SKS365 aims to accomplish many commercial activities with this new and attractive business model, such as cigarette shops, gas stations and large-scale distribution, by offering a quick, secure and immediate multifunctional solution that will allow the offer to be diversified and the opportunity to access the point of sale to be increased. With a network of 500 active points already in place, PlanetPay365 will expand rapidly and be accessible across the entire Italian territory.

Alexander Martin, SKS365 ‘s CEO, said: “Value added service points with digital services such as payments or top-ups are a great opportunity and a market proposition that is growing rapidly. Especially during the current pandemic, we are seeing significant need in the market. SKS365 a precursor in digital technologies is now addressing this market by the new and innovative PlanetPay365 platform. Lots of partnerships with very important and prestigious companies are already on the table, allowing us to make PlanetPay365 one of the most important players in the services market. We want to make this platform the ‘digital’ point of reference in terms of services, B2B supplies and marketplace both for service points and customers.”

Gianluca Porzio, SKS365 Director of Business Development added: “With this initiative we are going to strengthen the bond between the shops and the consumers, providing added value to the customer experience a broad network of service points.  This project also represents the willingness of the Company to invest in new markets, with a neophyte and therefore, fresh and innovative approach.”

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