Skilrock Launches Redesigned Website

Skilrock announced the launch of its new website to explore the company’s apps, players, software and services offering. The company’s goal is to establish new partnerships and grow its operations worldwide.

Skilrock’s primary goal during the redesign process was to create a more reliable, user-centric and responsive tool across all channels and devices after the well-researched effort to release its new website that can meet the expectations of broad geographical, cultural and business diversity needs.

Essentially, it wanted to concentrate on making it easier for its users to learn and find valuable information about their technical solutions not only at their office, but also on their mobile devices for their particular application or industry.

Sujit Lahiry, Executive Director at Skilrock Technologies Pvt. Ltd, commented: “Skilrock has rapidly expanded into new geographies, game types and solutions during the past couple of years, and it became evident that we have to completely change our website.

“Here we go with a new website that should meet the expectations from wide cross sections of the people from the industry and from across the regions.”

“It is a fresh and nice feeling for everyone at Skilrock, similar to moving to a new house or a new city. Our expectations to strike a chord with the visitors are high as things are simple and neatly arranged for everyone to identify what they are looking for.

“I am expecting people to not only visit us one time but come back to learn about Skilrock’s new offerings in future,” Lahiry added.

Skilrock has also given many data collateral to its guests to give them a complete understanding of their innovative solutions so that they can make informed choices. The new website also provides up-to-date information about the events, trade shows, seminars, company announcements and links to the company’s social media pages.