SK365 Hires Optimove Services For Digital Transformation

The SKS365 gaming and betting operator group has hired Optimove’s services as it aims to transform CRM marketing into a significant business growth driver.

Optimisation of CRM trips

SKS365 will use the company’s solution to develop, orchestrate, calculate, and optimise CRM trips for millions of registered players, including those of its flagship brand, Planetwin365, as part of an enterprise-wide digital transformation.

Strong revenue generation engine

Of the partnership Pini Yakuel, CEO and Founder of Optimove, said: “We look forward to working closely with the team at SKS365 and taking part in transforming their CRM marketing into a strong revenue generation engine.

“We are now privileged to work with three of the five leading operators in Italy and are confident in our ability to become a strategic contributor to SKS365’ impressive growth and massive success.” 

Growth engine

Optimove says it will empower the SKS365 Community through a range of measures to turn its CRM marketing activities into a growth engine, including providing access to a 360-degree single customer experience consisting of player data consolidated from different sources and enriched with predictive analytics.

Sophisticated player segments

In addition, the partnership will also allow SKS365 to create sophisticated player segments by using different data explorers and dashboards to discover consumer insights; orchestrate real-time and scheduled marketing interactions through any native or integrated channel; and calculate each individual’s incremental value to evaluate, learn, and scale CRM strategies.

AI travel mapping algorithm

In addition, Optimove’s AI travel mapping algorithm can help optimise the benefit of player existence by independently defining all a player’s qualifying campaigns, assessing all travel possibilities, probabilities and potential benefits, and serving the next-best-action for each.

Troy Cox, chief commercial officer at SKS365 said: “Optimove will be a key enabler of SKS365’s strategy to make CRM a growth driver of the business.

“2020 has provided many challenges, but also created unique opportunities to take stock and look at ways of future proofing our business. With Optimove we know we have a partner that can catapult our CRM strategy and we are very excited about the prospect of working with them”