Six Members Of New Ethics Advisory Board Named By Veikkaus

Finnish gambling monopoly Veikkaus has appointed the six new members of its Ethics Advisory Board to focus on games ethics and their advertising, gaming damage, and gaming social impact.

The advisory board’s purpose will be to provide an external view of the board and operational management of the company’s gambling activities.

The Advisory Committee will be comprised of five members, each of whom will sit on the board for a term of two years, in addition to the Chairperson. At the end of March, the Chair will report on the Council’s activities during the previous calendar year to the Veikkaus Board.

Pekka Ilmivalta, Veikkaus’ Executive Vice President, Legal and Responsibility, said: “The establishment of an Ethics Board complements the company’s new, broad-based corporate responsibility measures.

“We are investing in developing a safer and more responsible gaming environment, and the Ethics Council outside the company’s operations is an important part of that.”

Saija Kivinen is going to serve as the board president. Kivenen worked as legal counsel for Telia Finland Telecommunications Company, having previously been the deputy legal counsel for the company.

Susanna Raisamo, Executive Director of Sosped Lassi Rajamäki, Game Researcher at Tampere University Mikko Meriläinen, Professor of Sociology at Jyväskylä Terhi-Anna Wilska University, and Jani Halme, Creative Director of Marketing and Communications Company Toinen PHD, will join the Advisory Board.

The Advisory Board will be allowed to bring forward specific solutions ideas, make statements, and provide ethical arguments on practical issues relevant to gambling and gambling debate. Nevertheless, individual problems or grievances from outside parties will not be addressed.