Sisal SPA Supports Talent Development Through ‘GoBeyond’ Competition

Sisal SPA, the company that runs Italy’s SuperEnalotto national lottery draw, has continued to sponsor talent development programmes for the country’s future workforce by holding the ‘GoBeyond’ competition.

Sisal’s innovation challenge, now in its fifth year, is co-hosted by investment firm CVC Capital Partners and aims to accelerate the development of Italian start-ups focusing on social impact and enterprise.

Students and young entrepreneurs from all over Italy will be able to submit project ideas for a chance to win a €40,000 equity-free grant, as well as expert advice from Italy’s top IT and innovation authorities.

The four previous GoBeyond competitions had attracted over 600 applications from start-ups, with rewards totaling over €300,000 awarded to the eight winning ideas.

Enhancing business sustainability

Start-ups and entrepreneurs will focus on enhancing business sustainability and extending digital usage for all Italian communities and generations in GoBeyond 2021.

Sisal has made a further commitment as an Italian female-led start-up will be given a “dedicated six-month plan” prepared by business accelerator the Impact Hub Benefit Company “to speed up the entry of female start-ups into the market,” according to the competition’s launch.

Sisal’s CEO, Francesco Durante, stated: “Every year I look forward to the opening of applications for Gobeyond, as I firmly believe that support for young people and their ideas is fundamental for the economic and social progress of a country.

“I believe that companies like Sisal should be actively and continually committed to the progress of society… To build a more responsible future, we need to do more to encourage those who are developing innovative ideas to help society.”

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