Sisal Sans Aids Inspired Entertainment’s Turkish Debut

Inspired Entertainment has reported that a lead supplier agreement with ‘Sisal Sans’, the Turkish joint venture between Sisal SPA and Şans Digital AS, will debut its virtual sports portfolio in Turkey.

Under the agreement, Inspired will provide a complete end-to – end online virtual sportsbook product, its V-Play Plug & Play solution, with its content to be made available through on desktop and mobile.

Brooks Pierce, President and Chief Operating Officer of Inspired said: “We have worked with Sisal for many years in Italy, supplying our video lottery terminals, Virtuals and mobile products.  We are thrilled to partner with their Turkish joint venture, Sisal Sans, to offer our Virtuals products in Turkey.

“Our Virtuals have proven popular in the UK, Italy and Greece and we see Turkey as an opportunity to showcase our new Plug & Play solution and the strength of our overall Virtuals offerings.”

In 2019, in partnership with Şans Digital AS, a gambling subsidiary of the Turkish media conglomerate Demirören Holding, Italy’s Sisal Group won the bidding process for a ten-year operational contract held by Turkey’s Sovereign Wealth Fund, the licence holder of the Turkish National Lottery (Milli Piyango).

Selim Ergun, CEO of Sisal Sans added: “We have been tasked with maximising revenue of the Turkish National Lottery to benefit the Turkish public and we believe our positive performance will be based on innovation.

“Inspired’s Virtual Sports speak to that innovation, offering fast-paced action, ultra-realistic player simulations and a tremendous breadth of bet types, and we are excited to be the first certified website to offer Virtuals in Turkey.

“We are looking forward to working with the Inspired team to bring a continual stream of betting content to our customer base, especially given the limited live sports now available.”


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