SIS Strengthens Sports Coverage Through It’s Competitive Gaming Product

After doubling its content output through its SIS Competitive Gaming product, Sports Information Services (SIS) has strengthened its sports coverage.

The additional output will feature a greater number of live head-to – head competitions, including the SIS Blitz League, between skilled and qualified gamers.

Head of Product Proposition at SIS, Rohini Sardana said: “Following the successful launch of SIS Competitive Gaming, we’re delighted to announce that the service will include even more matches during peak times for bettors to enjoy, with a 7 hour broadcast of back-to-back matches offering multiple betting opportunities.

“These high-quality betting opportunities have proven to be a valuable addition for sportsbooks in recent months, outperforming similar competitor products due to the robust integrity which has been welcomed by operators and players.

“Interest in SIS Competitive Gaming is high, and we’re excited to be rolling out the product with more operators in the coming months.”

A special professional integrity referee, certified by the Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC), will oversee the competitions to ensure that matches are fair and open.

SIS Competitive Gaming will also include live streaming videos, commentaries, on-screen graphics with betting prompts, data plus a variety of markets, and prices to encourage bettors to watch and wager on sporting events.