Sir Keith Mills Apoointed SAZKA ‘Bid Chair’ For National Lottery

SAZKA Group appointed Sir Keith Mills as ‘Bid Chair’ to lead its ‘UK Team’  to win the fourth operating tender for the National Lottery.

Mills is the founding president of the ‘London 2012 Campaign Committee’ who led a fruitful 10-year effort to win the Olympic and Paralympic Games, the UK’s largest sporting events ever. A figurehead in British business and sports.

Mills is regarded as the founder of customer loyalty programmes created by Air Miles (1988) and Nectar Card (2002), in addition to his London 2012 achievements.

The Royal Foundation of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge has been chaired by Mills for the past six years, a role he will hand over to Lord William Hague next month.

Robert Chvátal, Chief Executive of SAZKA, branded Mills as the ideal figurehead to lead the National Lottery bid by the organisation, as he held an unprecedented record working in the core disciplines of sport, charities and industry.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Sir Keith Mills for our entry in the Fourth National Lottery Licence Competition,” he said. “We are hugely excited to be participating in this competition and for the chance to take stewardship of the National Lottery, helping the UK to fall back in love with this vital institution.

“We want to bring this deep knowledge and customer insight to the UK National Lottery and make this national treasure even better by increasing sales and providing a much-needed boost to communities, arts, sports and heritage institutions across the country.”

SAZKA management officially submitted its ‘selection questionnaire’ this October to participate in the fourth tender, aiming to end the 26-year reign of Camelot Group as the National Lottery’s operating company.

Neil McArthur CEO UKGC launched the National Lottery competition this summer, a main government contract supervised by DCMS, in which suitors were given the responsibility  of “maximising the opportunities for players and good causes to benefit from innovation and creativity, whilst protecting the National Lottery’s unique status”.

Taking stewardship of SAZKA’s bid, Mills commented: “I am driven by organisations that make a real contribution to society. I chose to team up with SAZKA Group for the National Lottery Licence Competition because I believe the UK National Lottery needs to grow and be engaging if it is to continue funding thousands of good causes every year.

“Our lottery is a national treasure with nearly 26 years of history, however, the landscape has changed immeasurably since it was first launched in 1994. The challenge now is to ensure the lottery connects with people right across the country, making it fresh and exciting as it once was, bringing new ways that are relevant for today and tomorrow’s generation.

“I am cognisant that much has to be done for us to make a winning case in this competition, but I believe that over the course of this process we will be able to demonstrate how SAZKA Group’s expertise coupled with the experienced British team that we are building in the UK will offer the right stewardship for the UKNL for 2023 and beyond.”