Singapore Online Lottery Plagued By Program Vulnerabilities

Widespread program vulnerabilities continue to haunt the state-run online lottery and sport betting monopoly in Singapore.

The issue came up in a Singapore Pools announcement. The glitches in TOTO Quick Pick and Quick Pick Program Roll choices stopped prize winning. However, two other goods–iTOTO and 4D Quick Pick Bets for the mobile–also experienced crashes.

Here’s what happened: The random generator mistakenly skipped the number 49 among several problems. As a consequence, if that number was among the winning numbers a small percentage of players missed out.

Affected customers will get their money refunded and will receive a “token” of S$5. Those who claim prize wins will have a 50 percent increase in their winnings. Singapore Pools will also add S$500k to a TOTO draw in February to sweeten the solution.

An update to the system from October 2018 is the culprit. Now Singapore Pools is assuring customers that all the programme problems found have been rectified.

Nonetheless, news of the glitches prompted the Ministry of Home Affairs of Singapore to initiate an investigation, while the Singapore Totalizator Board appointed a review panel to scrutinise the response of the company.

Singapore Pools has vowed to cooperate fully with the regulatory inquiry.

Of note, since the city-state’s passage of the Remote Gambling Act in 2015, Singapore Pools is the only online lottery and betting option approved locally.