SiGMA Launch Inaugural Tech-To-Tech Digital Event

SiGMA is to deliver a digital event based on tech-to-market, providing free and informative data-driven content produced specifically with the market community in mind. The inaugural summit will last for three days, with two hours of tech content every day from 8-10 June.

The event organisers noted in a statement released this week that: “operating in such a competitive industry makes adopting a scientific and innovation-driven approach crucial, and as businesses seek to diversify and safeguard their interests in the wake of the 2020 pandemic – timely. SiGMA Deep Tech offers users the opportunity to embrace pioneering technologies, allowing them to benefit from new, creative solutions that can propel their businesses into a new way of working.”

Senior Developer Nick Bugeja said: “This is a great initiative. Most conferences focus on regulation, legal issues, marketing, or commercial. Now there is something for techies, engineers, and programmers, in a language we understand.”

As such, the SiGMA Group will be the first gaming conference to completely embrace technology with a carefully designed conference catering concept exclusively for industry leaders and tech enthusiasts and to put deep technology at the front and centre. The expert speaker list features many industry-level CTOs such as Krzysztof Opalka, Jason Farrugia, Angelo Dalli, David Sachs and Ehrlich Gal.

Eman Pulis, Founder of SiGMA Group said: “There has never been a better time to re-examine the way we work and think. The current pandemic has made the need for diversification vital, which is why SiGMA Group has decided to dive straight in and put deep tech at the heart of the conversation. Our vast experience working in both iGaming and emerging tech makes this a no-brainer. We’re bringing gaming into the future.”

SiGMA Deep Tech will shine a spotlight on experienced industry leaders and CTO developers standing at the frontier of cutting edge events. With AI, Big Data, UI, and open source vs. licenced tech some of the many topics to be discussed during the conference, participants will take advantage of the opportunity to learn engineering processes used by the most skillful software architects.

Some of the subjects and panels discussed include:

  • Storing & Processing Data in iGaming;
  • Real-time engagement & AI;
  • Quantum computing & Neuromorphic computing;
  • Data & Cybersecurity;
  • Navigating crisis and opportunity through tech;
  • Game Design – Development process from Concept to Delivery; Designing for Engagement;
  • Converting your site to APP;
  • AI in User Experience;
  • TechStack: Opensource vs Licensed solutions.

Interest is fast growing with a range of keynote speakers already on board. If you wish to take advantage of the incentives for sponsorship contact [email protected].

Save the dates:

SiGMA Manila is taking place on May 27-28, 2021:

SiGMA ASIA DIGITAL takes place on June 8 -10, 2020.