SG’s Partner Florida Lottery Breaks Scratch Card Sales Record

Scientific Games Company has announced that its longtime instant game partner, the Florida Lottery, has set a fourth consecutive US record for single week retail sales of Scratch-off games.

Residents of Florida purchased $149,808,055 in Scratch-offs the weekend ended March 1, 2019, smashing the previous record by more than $23 m and raising over $27.8 m for the Educational Development Trust Fund to support Floridian students.

Justin Rock, Deputy Secretary of Product and Sales for Florida Lottery, said: “We are proud that our continued focus on our instant game products has broken another US record, and even more excited that our collaboration with Scientific Games has generated more funding to enhance education in Florida.

“This is a testament to the careful research, planning and marketing that goes into our Scratch-offs so they provide an enjoyable entertainment value to Floridians.”

The previous record, which was set in 2019, saw the company raise over $126 m, with this year’s record-breaking total coming six months after eight consecutive years of record-breaking annual sales for fiscal year 2019 were revealed by the Lottery.

The new weekly sales record week was powered by the new $30′ The Fastest Road to $1 Million’ scratch-off game from the Lottery that offers punters the chance to claim $155 million in retail prizes and a total of $28 million in retail sales recorded.

In addition, sales for all $30 games reached $39 m in the record week, with other top sellers including 10X, 20X, 50x and 100X reporting total weekly sales of $26.7 m.

John Schulz, Senior Vice President, Instant Products for Scientific Games, added: “Scientific Games congratulates the Florida Lottery on a fourth consecutive US record sales week for Scratch-offs. We are honoured to be the Lottery’s instant games partner and share their mission to generate maximum funding for education in the state.

“The success of the Florida Lottery’s Scratch-off games comes from many years of working closely together to create and market games that drive results.”

In addition, year-over-year revenue for all $10 games rose 90 percent from last year’s same week, with the organisations making a $50-$100-$500 Blowout! Best week series and 100X games leading the way with a total combined revenue of $33 m.

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