SG Corps Names Jim Bombassei As Investor Relations VP

The naming of Jim Bombassei as its new senior vice president of investor relations has been confirmed by Scientific Games Corporation.

Dual investor relations lead

For its separately listed Scientific Games (SGMS) and SciPlay (SCPL) ventures, the Nasdaq gambling technology group announced that Bombassei would act as a dual investor relations lead.

Bombassei joins the US media and entertainment conglomerate Viacom’s Science Games executive leadership team, acting as the company’s VP of investor relations and corporate treasurer.

Mike Eklund, Scientific Games Chief Financial Officer said: “We are excited to have Jim join our financial leadership team. He brings significant investor relationships and corporate finance experience that will be a benefit to Scientific Games, SciPlay and our investor community.” 

Perfect candidate to perform the job

Scientific Games labelled Bombassei as the perfect candidate to perform the job by updating stakeholders, showcasing his expertise and track record in maintaining investor services, stock market activity and mass entertainment organisations’ treasury operations.

Bombassei commented: “Over the last year, Scientific Games has shown how it continues to deliver the games, products and technologies that operators and players want most right now. There’s a huge opportunity ahead for both Scientific Games and SciPlay to innovate for the future and continue to lead the industry across all platforms, including land-based and digital, sports betting and mobile gaming.”